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Have you often asked yourself how stars are awarded to hotels, on which basis, and what one can expect if, e.g., one books a 2-Star hotel in Munich? Because many people attach great importance to the number of stars a hotel has and use this as a basis for their booking, we have put together some interesting facts and figures for you.


Here, you will find answers to the following questions:

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How many stars are there?

Internationally, there are up to seven stars. One example is the Burj-al-Arab Hotel Dubai. As a general principle, 1 star represents the lowest category or “Tourist” class; a 2-Star hotel is classed as “good” and hotels with 5 to 7 stars are in the highest category “Luxury” class.

Generally, the star ratings may be described as follows:

  • 5-Star Hotel: luxurious
  • 4-Star Hotel: excellent
  • 3-Star Hotel: very good
  • 2-Star Hotel: good
  • 1-Star Hotel: adequate

For our example, the 2-Star Hotel Dolomit, this therefore means that DEHOGA rates the 2-Star hotel in Munich as “good”.

What are the criteria for awarding stars?

In Germany, stars are awarded according to the criteria set out by DEHOGA, which you can find out about here.
For a 2-Star hotel in Munich or Germany in general, the following criteria apply (see also DEHOGA):

  • All rooms with shower/WC or bath/WC
  • Room cleaned daily
  • Table and chair
  • Soap or washing lotion
  • Bedside lamp
  • Bubble bath or shower gel
  • Towels
  • Linen shelves
  • Range of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razor, etc.)
  • All rooms with colour TV and remote control
  • Reception service
  • Telefax at reception
  • Public telephone available to guests
  • Range of beverages in-house
  • Deposit facility
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Card payment possible

The more and better these criteria are met, the more stars the hotelier can gain. At a 2-Star hotel in Munich, e.g., the room would have to have an own bathroom, be cleaned daily, have a table, chair and linen shelves and a supply of soap and shower gel. Find out more about the process by which stars are awarded in the following section, or book a room directly in the 2-Star Hotel Dolomit in Munich – Find out now!

Who awards the stars for hotels and how frequently are stars awarded?

In Germany, the German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA awards the stars for hotels. In Europe and further afield there are other associations that award stars – in Europe, e.g., HOTREC (the umbrella association of hotels, restaurants & cafés in Europe). Because most holidaymakers base their choice on the hotel’s number of stars, most hoteliers choose to have their hotels rated.

In order to gain a rating, the hotelier receives a questionnaire to fill in. This is the process by which the 2-Star Hotel Dolomit in Munich gained its rating. The questionnaire is then checked by DEHOGA and evaluated electronically; the hotel then receives the appropriate star rating. The hotelier then receives a brass plate and a ratings certificate. Further, DOHEGA carries out inspections of all hotels and businesses, which are under their strict supervision.

DEHOGA was established in 1996 and awards stars for a period of three years. Incidentally, hotel ratings are also required by law in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal.

What does the appendix “S” or “Superior” mean?

The term “Superior” is used when the hotel clearly exceeds the minimum criteria of its respective star rating, but is not yet able to reach the next category. For example, at a 4-Star Superior Hotel (****S), the following might be the case: The hotel has first class facilities (4* hardware), but falls short of 5 stars because, e.g., the lobby should have seating and a drinks service. However, the hotel provides significantly better services than one would expect of a 4-Star hotel. For this reason, it receives an “S” for “Superior” in addition to its stars.

What does “Garni” mean?

The “Garni” in “Hotel Garni” stands for a hotel that does not have a restaurant in the traditional sense, but only offers accommodation, breakfast, drinks and sometimes snacks. A Garni Hotel is often a 2-Star hotel, such as our 2-Star Hotel Dolomit in Munich. Generally, Garni Hotels are friendly and informal, but nonetheless distinguished by high professional standards. Many people value precisely this informality, which larger hotels lack. “Hotel Garni” is derived from the French and roughly translated means “ furnished hostel”.

Hotels and their stars, based on the example of the 2-Star Hotel Dolomit in Munich

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Information on star ratings, based on the example of the 2-Star Hotel Dolomit in Munich

A 2-Star hotel in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg or nationally? Our article has provided you with information about 2-Star hotels in Munich and star ratings in general. Thank you for reading our article “Hotels and their stars”; we hope that the information we have provided is of interest.

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